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Thread: Irish Barrow including weirs

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    Default Irish Barrow including weirs

    Inspired by's blogJourney through Ireland Part 3 - Grand Canal and The Barrow river I've put together some photos of my recent expedition down the Barrow from Athy to St.Mullins. There was myself, my son and three of his friends. Me on a SOT and the boys in two canoes. I've done this trip a few times before but the boys were new to paddling forwards (they're all rowers and used to the hardships that entails).

    We took four days and 3 nights in what was forecast to be wet and windy but it turned out we were very sheltered from the wind and the rain came mostly at night. We had plenty of sunshine too.

    This is a great river for canoeing and camping with a public tow path along the entire navigable river. We had it all to ourselves.

    The target for the first night was Milford weir which we made late in the evening. I've no pictures unfortunately but it was a beautiful spot. Slyguff was our camp for the 2nd night and Graignamagh the 3rd night leaving a short last day into St. Mullins.

    A broken eel weir below Clashganny

    Camp Slyguff. Great campsite complete with picnic table. There's even more room on the other side of the lock house. I dropped the lock key here and had to go diving for it. It was only in about 10 feet of water and I got it first go.

    I brought a fishing rod with me and got a few jacks along the way. No licence or permits required.

    Lower Tinnahinch Lock I think. And below the opposite view.

    Ballykeenan Weir. The lads climbed up and ran this a few times. see video below.

    Approaching Graignamagh

    Chipper in Graignamanagh

    Camp Graignamagh. Public toilets were welcome here. Chinese takeaway all around for the last night

    Clashganny view

    Below Lower Tinahinch weir

    As we descended the scenery got better and more sheltered.

    Approaching St. Mullins

    Lower Ballyellen Weir

    Ballykeenan Weir

    We shot nearly all the weirs except Carlow which seemed a bit high immediately after lunch and St. Mullins at the end. It saved us a lot of time and effort and broke the journey with a bit of fast water after each weir.After that came the drive home in a car full of sleeping teenagers. I had to wait a few more hours until after I'd dropped them all home. Hopefully we'll do it all again next year.

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    That looks like a great trip. Great to see the boys launching themselves down the weirs. Well done all of you, you'll have some fantastic memories of that for years to come.
    Big Al.

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    That does look like a great trip. I’d never really thought about Ireland for multi day canoe routes for some reason. These recent bloggs have really shown me what a lot of options there are.

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    Enjoyed that.....have spent a couple of nights by the Barrow in the motorhome and wondered what the paddling was like......some serious hanging basket action too!
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    Thansk for posting. I always remember how quiet the Irish rivers were when I lived there.

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