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Thread: 14ft Canoe, 2 playboats and a Dagger Dynamo - 1 Car

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    Default 14ft Canoe, 2 playboats and a Dagger Dynamo - 1 Car

    This is the problem I'm facing for an upcoming shuttle run.

    The dynamo can actually fit inside the canoe so I'm thinking If I put the canoe on it's side against the uprights I can then tie the dynamo inside it...?

    ...and use the other half of the rack for the 2 playboats.

    Never seen anyone carry a canoe on it's side though, is it doable? It'll only be for the trip from get off to camp, about 40 mins tops.

    Gonna play with it on the driveway this weekend but I'd like to hear some thoughts....

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    I know lots of people who carry them on their side happily for hundreds of miles, usually with uprights on the roofbars to be fair. Without them, the canoe will tend to want to fall back over, and having a Dynamo inside it will probably make this worse. It should be possible to arrange the kayaks to stop this happening, but only experimentation will tell if that's possible and for the whole thing still to be secure. It will probably need all 4 (or 5) of you to construct it!
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    It's doable, you might want to check the weigh rating of your car roof/roof rack system ... I've seen a roof rack come apart on the road with only a single Charles River canoe mounted on it. Quite a few years ago I returned from Windermere with 2 canoes on the roof, both on their sides, gunwales facing outwards. It was pretty windy on the way back, not a journey I particularly want to repeat. I've done another long journey with about 40ft of canoe on/in the car and that was far nicer. 21ft C2 racer laid flat, upside down on the roof rails, 13ft Minuet upside down but edged onto the side of the racer, 6ft Beer Cooler in the car ... best to play with your options before you go, plus you may need a small collapsible step stool.
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    hadn't thought about the weight of the dynamo really, i'll experiment with it this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potty Paddler View Post
    you may need a small collapsible step stool.
    Excellent idea!

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