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    Hi Everyone, just joined today so here's a quick note to say Hi.

    I've been searching the internet over the past few months for paddling info and ended up on this site a few times so thought it was best to join and say hello properly.

    I can see the site is largely aimed at the open Canadian canoes so I hope you're not going to throw stones at me if you pass me in my sit on top kayak

    I'm returning to paddling after close to a 30 year break and looking for gentle paddling on mainly flat water (although I did some coast and cove hopping around Newquay last month) such as lakes, canals and rivers.

    I describe my paddling as "like kayaking/canoeing, but slower", hence my user and boat name.

    No doubt I'll be asking for advice or info in the future but for now, I'll be catching up on threads which mention places to go paddling in my area (North West).



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    Hello and Welcome!

    Some nice paddling within range of you, not least the lake District. There are also quite a few Song of the Paddle folk up there.

    You won't have stones chucked at you on a S-O-T, all craft are very welcome, we'll just edit you out of any photos
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    Hi and welcome.
    Northwest is a big place but if you're anywhere near Kendal I'm always looking for paddlers to come out in my canadian in the lakes.
    Mine's the one with the harpoon gun in the bow and the silhouettes of SOTs down the side!
    Cheers, Simon

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