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Thread: Full descent of the Loire help

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    Default Full descent of the Loire help

    Planning a long trip down the Loire (after several shorter camping trips), hopefully from Le Puy en Valey to the sea & would appreciate some advice & direction to Blogs etc. I have the French guide La Loire Vue Du Flevve (slowly translating it!) I appreciate water levels are less predictable & variable. But I need to have some rough start month in mind to plan this long trip. The Mrs has agreed to go on condition we avoid anything more than grade 1 rapids. Does anyone have any experience of the upper Loire & river conditions by month. Thinking an early June start might be a safe compromise? Appreciate monthly average and current flow rates can be checked, but not clear how they translate to actual river conditions along the course of the upper river. Given we would have plenty of time we would be able to stop for a few days if water levels started running too high.

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    Thinking an early June start might be a safe compromise
    You've missed the ferry there, you do realise it's mid July don't you
    Nin Wanakiwidee Tchiman

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    You could have a look at:
    Or directly in google translate if your knowledge of the german language isn't that great:

    I've used river descriptions from that site for a few of my trips and I find them very useful.

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