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Thread: Fish are Jumping and the River is Wye

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    Default Fish are Jumping and the River is Wye

    A two day trip on the Wye, July 2019. Whitney Bridge to Hereford, total of ~40Kms with overnight stop at Byecross Farm.

    Camped at Byecross Farm night before our trip.

    In the morning drove into Hereford and parked up at Hereford Rowing Club. Paid £5 for overnight parking including pull-out for the end of our trip. Louise from HayTaxibus ( arrived bang on time to pick us up and transport us and our canoe to Whitney Bridge. At Whitney Bridge, not The Boat Inn, got a very nice welcome by the Toll Keeper and paid our £1 each to launch. Off we went and after some 5Hrs paddling arrived at Byecross farm after negotiating some very shallow water!

    Next day a much earlier departure and after the non-event of Monnington Falls a 2Hr paddle to The Weir Garden National Trust for lunch and then a further 2 hours down to Hereford where we picked up the car and returned to Byecross.

    and we saw lots of big fish jumping!

    The Photos

    Day 1

    HayTaxisBus, crew member, Louise and lock keeper (drinking coffee).

    A nice welcome

    Whitney Bridge - one of the last remaining private toll bridges

    Lots of the local Hereford cattle

    What a gorgeous day on the river

    Lots of big groups of, non-aggressive, swans

    Even the cattle were paddling!

    A Red Kite pretending to be an Osprey

    Still a lovely day!

    Bredwardine Bridge - lovely bit of architecture

    How the other half live

    The final stretch into Byecross Farm campsite

    Day 2

    Monnington Falls the night before - a definite non-event next morning!

    Big stretches of weed

    On the approach to Bridge Sollers

    Tea at The Weir Garden National Trust Property - don't forget your membership cards - someone might ask to see them...

    The river from the Weir Garden House

    The river at Weir Gardens - one guide book said there were some rapids here!

    More weed ahead

    Last stretch into Hereford - 1.5 miles dead straight!

    Approaching Hereford Rowing club

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    Thanks for sharing, a nice reminder of one of my favourite bits of water.
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    Love the pictures, looks like a good trip.
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    Love the pic of the Red Kite

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    Think I recognise that bit as one of my few Uk paddles .... very gentle run down with that long draggy bit at the end into Hereford

    nice to see it again

    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Grey View Post
    Thanks for sharing, a nice reminder of one of my favourite bits of water.
    I am correct aren’t I ? That’s the one we did for “gear shakeout” before the “Rogen - Rorros” Trip wasn’t it ?
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    Looks like a great trip. I do like a civilised lunch stop

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