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Thread: Thunder Stolen at Welland Barn

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    Default Thunder Stolen at Welland Barn

    Torrential rain, thunder, lightning and the end of civilisation as we know it were forecast as we left Wakerley on Tuesday afternoon

    We don't often get to paddle the Welland this time of year but every sodden June has a silver lining

    Really it's just a case of swapping the insects that live in reeds for insects that live in trees - both quite like a bald head or two

    Occasionally we needed to manufacture a way past - when it's 50-50 whether to get out or cut we go for the saw as a service to all the other hundreds of paddlers along the Welland

    The odd open bits are pretty nice - and illustrate just how wide the flood plain is

    About as close to a gorge as you'll get

    Some bits feel really remote and downright eerie as you pass through overgrown woodland

    Tixover......a hamlet made for poor punning jokes......I just suffer Shed Envy!

    As always, Hippo and I are better equipped to open a delicatessen or an off-licence than deal with extreme weather but roughly on cue the rain appears.....along with a stealth poncho

    At Duddington the fish ladder was just about paddleable - as long as you aren't squeamish about gel coat/royalex deposits

    Another fine old bridge at Duddington and we're getting close to our overnight destination

    Chez Nous! - from the river

    From the fields

    With beds made and kitchen established

    Dead posh - shelving!

    Basically, everywhere else in the UK had thunder, lightning, pestilence, plagues of locusts etc while we sat there waiting for the photo op that never came

    Lamb Madras made from a lamb shoulder slow cooked to perfection that morning.......oh, and some ballast......despite which, we are up at the crack of dawn to find un-forecast sunshine

    A pleasant hour's pootle....

    ....sees us at Collyweston Bridge where a shuttle car awaits

    Odd ain't it? winter we can drive to the water's edge but in summer we have a sweaty, insect ridden drag along a bean field

    We are still trying to establish who owns the barn but getting nowhere fast - if we can get permission to use it, it would make a good SotP venue for group meets - we will keep trying.

    Regards to you all, Dick
    A ship should not ride on a single anchor, nor life on a single hope - Epictetus

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    Lovely way to mark the day!

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    Excellent blog, thank you so much for the brief escape from my desk job.

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    I see some ideal spots for your swag in that barn when you get one

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    That Madras sounds lovely. If you do find out about the barn I'd be well and up for it.

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    Looks good chaps, an SOTP home from home.
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