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    Default Hello everyone.

    Hello all,

    My name is Pete, many many years ago I used to Kayak as a teenager and young adult. I then joined the army and did a fair bit of adventure training and other activities but Kayaking fell by the wayside. Now I have matured and relaxed more my interest in open boat Canoeing has definitely increased. I did complete some basic training in open boat but missed out doing some qualifying courses, but I am now looking into completing some to get further practice and skills. I have now left the regular army. I now want to get back into my open boating and am looking how I can link it into my other hobbies of bushcraft and other outdoor activities. I am based in the West Midlands but do travel a bit.

    I want to go on a few expeditions and so am no longer lurking and have decided to join the forum properly. I have used information form here for a while and now have more questions to answer and I am hoping to get a well informed knowledge form the community.

    It comes down to some basic stuff to finalise my full plans. I have hired boats in the past and now thinking of getting my own. I have a lot of outdoor equipment for my bushcraft and other activities and so am looking on how I can use it best for trips and how best to pack it.

    I do both modern and traditional set ups with my bushcraft and so I can see me doing the same for open boating.

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    Hello and Welcome

    Wild camping and open canoeing go perfectly together, you can carry all the necessary cast iron pots and fire boxes you want to!
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