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Thread: Neoprene spray deck for Riber Delux

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    Default Neoprene spray deck for Riber Delux

    Good evening all, my wife owns a Riber Delux which came with a leaking spray deck.

    I tried a Palm Coniston as the measurements agreed with the kayak measurements ( length 110cm, width 54cm, circumference 247cm). Due to the shape of the cockpit, the Palm deck wouldn't fit.

    Palm recommended a neoprene deck as there is more flexibility, but they don't manufacture one that size.

    Has anyone came across this or can advise a deck that will fit.

    Thanks Steve

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    Sounds like an R6 size spray deck would do the job and be a reasonably tight fit (neoprene)

    R6 and sized 106cm x 56cm so probably the closed you'll get, Might be able to get an R5 on but that'll be alot of stretching!

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