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Thread: Canoeist worse friend? Themselves at times

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    After a recent visit to Loch Miodart, we stayed on a much used island for a couple of nights. On arrival the Landowner had placed a notice on one of the trees 'Fires are permitted on the rocks only', this notice has been their for over a year. On close inspection of the island there was 5 plus fires on the grass areas, and some were left as the were left to burn out. So 'Leave NO Trace' is also ignored.
    We spent a while walking the island, to clear up rubbish which had been left behind by previous visitors to the island, canoeist and kayakers. This rubbish included plastic bottles, wet wipe and party balloons.
    When are we going to learn, we need to help respect the environment, and leave camp grounds in a better condition than we we arrived.

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    I saw the signs on another blog a few weeks back.

    You'd like to think that people who visit such places enjoy them because they're so special. So why anybody wouldn't want it to remain as it is, is beyond me. I can't blame the landowner for placing the signs. There is no excuse for leaving such a dreadful fire pit as that in your photo, and as for felling trees, that's even worse, and completely pointless as the wood is so green!

    I'd like to think that other boat users are to blame more than paddlers. But sadly, there are paddlers who do such things.
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    I was there for one night in April and don't recall any fresh fire pits, so the damage must be fairly recent.
    The island was covered in lush, springy turf, but the rocks at the western edge would have been ideal for anyone who needed a fire, as the sign requests.
    There was even a large chopping block for splitting wood or placing a kelly kettle.

    It's a shame when the actions of the irresponsible few ruin things for the rest of us.

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    I agree, I have camping on this island for over 20 years. One idiot, even tried to burn a tree stump.

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    Very sad, it only needs a very small proportion of selfish folk to ruin it for everyone.
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