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Thread: We are looking to do and interesting open canoe trip to France

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    Default We are looking to do and interesting open canoe trip to France

    Hi Everyone
    Do you have any suggestions for a canoe trip to France? We love to wild camp over campsites. So the wilder the better. We take our dog and tipi in a venture 17ft canoe so nothing too fierce river wise would be great. Please can you point us in the direction of any previous posts too. Thank you.

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    classics are Allier Ardeche Tarn Dordogne loire. MarkL is a English Guy living in France . I guess he is your man to talk to. Wild camping is good on most as long as you are not going in juli or august. Spring fal or winter are better options. best one is end of april and may.. mostly good waterlevels and temperatures. It still is France so wild wild is hard to find. then Sweden, Schotland or Poland are much better..
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    Hi guys

    how long are you aiming to paddle for and what time of year are you looking to come over ?

    Give me that and I’ll come up with some ideas for you.

    All the best
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    As above, Mark L is your man. Maybe add the Cele to the list above. Just stick them into the Advanced search, with Blogs as a filter, and you should find lots of posts.

    In the high summer season, the obvious lovely rivers would be difficult to wild camp, but the campsites are generally relaxed and peaceful places. Off season I'm sure you'd be able to find spots, but bear in mind that often officially it would be frowned upon, and doing it "invisibly" would be wise.
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