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Thread: Averham Weir - River Trent

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    Default Averham Weir - River Trent

    Been looking at a trip down the Trent from Farndon to North Muskham via the eastern course avoiding Newark and the locks. I've seen kayakers shoot the weir at Averham but I wonder if anyone has done it in a Canadian? It looks like it might be a little twisty and narrow at the obvious point down at the upstream end. I'd be grateful for any knowledge of it?

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    There wasn't a chance of running it when we did it a few years back, too shallow/rocky. I don't remember seeing a line I'd have taken an open canoe down, looked tricky enough for a kayak, even at the upper end, but that might have just been the conditions on the day. Easily portaged though, which we did on the right. This was "low-middling" levels I think.
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