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Thread: places to paddle near Symonds Yat

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    Hi, Im brand new to the 'song of the paddle' so please be kind. My wife and I recently bought a Stearns inflatable canoe/kayak?. We took it out for its first trip yesterday on the Coquet in Northumberland and loved it. In July we are to the Wye valley ( near Symonds Yat) for a week. I would love some advise in where we can go with the Stearns. Im guessing we would probably have to get a taxi and paddle back?. We are not total newbies as we have had Kayak holidays off the west coast of Scotland and Kayaked in New Zealand...we are however new to the world of inflatables. ( it has a skeg!).
    Thanks for any advice in advance.
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    the Wye, the river that runs though Symonds Yat - is one of england and wales most popular touring rivers. its a great choice.

    This online booklet is a useful guide - it should give you an idea of where you can get on and off the river.

    We have a few folding boats, and yes we got a taxi to drop us off upstream to paddle back to the car, or a taxi to pick us up from dropping off the car downstream. is a great service for this. Any taxi would work, but Kenny is a paddler and knows the river.

    One thing to think about is that as summer comes, the wye gets low and becomes unkind to folders and inflatables. You could be better off in the lower sections around the Yat- cetainly you might need to get out and walk a few bits further up stream. (Other point is to consider wind - it can blow up the river sometimes and inflatables are prone to being blown off course, so keep an eye out for strong winds in forcasts.)

    If you want more info...
    There is a lovely book about canoeing on the Wye that can give you
    lots more info

    paddle points - is a great general resource for well known access points and paddles

    Have a lovely paddle

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    Thanks so much for the quick reply. I will start doing my research.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    The Wye is well equipped with taxi services who are use to canoes and kayaks (Kenny's recommended in particular), so good choice. If you fancy a "there and back" at any point, the Brecon canal is not far away either.

    Have a look on Paddle Points for ideas of launch points for both.
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    Paddle Points - where to paddle

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