First post on this forum, thank you in advance to anyone reading. Got an old royalex Mad River Duck Hunter 17', original front skid plate has started to come off due to a rough weekend. Foam core is exposed on the outside. Have chiseled away at the loose stuff. About 70% of the skid plate is still intact. Purchased Kevlar material from Sweet Composites and have 2 different epoxy’s. Would like to know if my current game plan is sound.

  1. Use gflex 655 to fill in the crack.
  2. Use gflex 650 in conjunction with Kevlar (cut appropriately) to cover the damage from tip to where the existing skid plate is still good.

One big question I have in this plan is not removing the portion of the skid plate that’s still firmly attached and how to do this or should I take the time to chisel away at the whole thing and start completely over?

Part 2 to this post is the back skid plate (recently redone, also made out of kevlar) has a puncture but not all the way through. Looking for thoughts on what to do here as well.

I would have included photos but not seeing a way to do that in this forum.

Thank you.