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    Canoe I'm looking to buy is 7hrs away
    Would use a courier to collect, seller is kind enough to shrink wrap canoe to protect it on journey...
    Has anyone used a courier for a canoe ?
    Who did u use ?
    Will shrink wrap be sufficient protection


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    Believe there are a few couriers who might help, but it can be pricey.

    What has worked before (though not always, depends on a bit of luck), is that folk have put a request out on Song of the Paddle, along the lines of "I need to get a canoe from x to y" and, perhaps for a share of the petrol costs and a pint, members who've already been doing that journey, or similar, have picked up the canoe and taken it along for the ride, dropping it off a lot closer to the destination than it started. There have even been "multiple leg" deliveries - as long as nobody is in a hurry and the folk involved have space to carry and temporarily store the canoe.

    I know this has even helped one cross the Irish sea, and on several occasions between the South East and Scotland too.

    Worth a go?
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    Also check out removals companies. They can sling a canoe from the roof well above the furniture. Often for a lot less than a courier.
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    same question I just got a quote from downham market ,to here Barnstaple for a small duck boat,275 ouch.

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    Old thread, but for anyone still looking - try the online brokers. They get couriers who are doing the intended route to submit prices for you to choose from - they can be anyone from removals firms, to a man with a van. I forget the name of the ones I used, but Google and ye shall find.
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