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Thread: Lochs Fannich, Fionn (Gruinard), Laidon, Treig & Luichart

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    Default Lochs Fannich, Fionn (Gruinard), Laidon, Treig & Luichart

    We're 2 old guys trying to paddle all the freshwater lochs in Scotland over 5 miles. We've still got Lochs Fannich, Fionn (Gruinard), Laidon, Treig & Luichart to do.

    Mal Grey's given us some useful information (thanks Mal). If anybody's paddled any of them, or has any information about accessibility for any of them, we'd be really grateful. We've got a 14.5ft Colman.

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    Loch Laidon is fairly straightforward to access. Drive to Rannoch Station and there's a track, a bit less than 1km, which is good enough to trolley along. We camped more or less at the end of the track and paddled up the loch next day. It was October, and you could hear the stags roaring half the night.

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    I’ll be interested to know how you get on with Loch Fannich. I’ve looked at paddling there but it’s the portage of doom unless you can persuade the estate to let you use the track. My recollection from pre-access legislation days was that they weren’t too friendly.

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