Just putting this last minute paddle out there in case its of interest.

There is a full moon on Sat, and with Colin's permission, there is wee plan to camp Sat night on the field at Barrow (upon Soar), with an evening-into-dark paddle.

Conceptually, arrive 3pm-4pm (or laters), have a bit of a paddle (possibly fall in off a SUP), pitch tents, grab food, head out for the evening paddle (prob only 2-4 miles depending on weather, maybe starting between 8 &9pm), then back for fire and a few drinkies befiore kip. Sum morning decamp and then ~10:00 ish go for another paddle (likely Mountsorrel/Quorn loops [3-6 miles] - as Barrow Boating cake shop is now open, and there is another pub enroute ... for a coffee!).

The "we" in the context of this thread probably being Bren, Martin, Juliet, self.

Peeps welcome to join us at any time, to any of the itinerary as fits. All water < grade 1, although night paddling can increase risk a tad.

1 camping fee for peeps overnighting.