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    Default Hi from Northants

    I spent nearly every weekend in my twenties canoeing (kayaking to be precise) in one place of another. I paddled slaloms, did a lot of river running in the UK and Europe and some amazing sea trips including circumnavigating Mull. Then I hit 30 and pretty much gave up. All I have left is some moldy old jelly boots, a pair of nice carbon paddles and a throw-line in pink and purple - which was all the rage in the 90s

    I have been itching to do something again and having a family, an open canoe has been in my mind for a few years and I have occasionally popped in hear for a look.

    I recently met a group of local paddlers and we are planning to join one of there expeditions which brings me here again.

    Looking forward to reading all your useful info and maybe contributing too.


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    Welcome mike, where bouts are you in northants

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    Hello and Welcome!

    There are a few folk who hang around the Nene and the Gt Ouse areas, so you may well find it easy to hook up with SOTP folk too.
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    Welcome to the forum. Great paddling in Northamptonshire.

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    I have already met a group who paddle the Nene and Ouse - might be the same group you are referring to. Haven't been out with them yet.

    I am in South Northants - near Milton Keynes

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