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Thread: Newbie in Edinburgh - looking for advice on Sevylor Ottawa / inflatables

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    Default Newbie in Edinburgh - looking for advice on Sevylor Ottawa / inflatables

    Hi all
    Been wanting to get into canoeing for a long time but always been stopped by living in city centre flats with no storage for a rigid. Going to go with an inflatable and I think I'm settled on the Sevylor Ottawa but I have read a couple of warnings that the inflatable cells have come away from each other, also water can get between the internal cells and the outer material making it difficult to properly dry off. Also read very positive reviews so I'm hoping for some reassurance from more experienced paddlers before I make the purchase. This would be at the upper limit of what I could afford - don't have the funds for a Gumotex or similar single skin for example - so I'm keen to get it right. My other option would be to go down the scale to say a Sevylor Colorado and save some cash for other bits and pieces. I've read they are good value. On another topic I can't wait to get out on the water and am looking at the Union canal, Forth & Clyde canal and lochs with islands. Any tips from anyone local?
    All thoughts / advice / reassurances / warnings appreciated.

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    Can't advise on pump hulls I'm afraid but union and F&C canals are pretty easy to get on, a quick walk down will help you ID loads of places. I used to go on the Union west of linlithgow at the sea scout buildings. You can you east into linlithgow or west over the viaduct and there are cafes in both directions. Bloggs on here will help. As for lochs, the trossachs are about an hour away so plenty to choose from there.

    Welcome aboard


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    Hello and Welcome!

    The top end Sevylors are pretty decent inflatables, so if it suits you, I think it'll be fine. Do check out Gumotex Palavas second hand though, a better canoe in my opinion. There are some websites you can order them in from Europe at good rates, which may even bring one into budget, but sadly I can't remember the names! A search on the forum may help.

    Edit: these guys were one of the options, though its not as cheap as it used to be. Blame the exchange rate:
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    Cheers for the advice Alan, that's a good shout. Was thinking it would be a good place to start off for a paddle back into Edinburgh too but I've looked it up and it's over 20 miles so I'll need to build up some stamina first

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    Hi Mal, thanks for the welcome, and the advice. Hadn't realised they're available that cheap. Curse the exchange rate though - wonder what could be making that happen..?
    I'm kinda set on a deal from Aquascene I think as they're offering paddles and vests along with the boat and a good warranty but I'll take your advice and keep an eye on the classifieds on here in the meantime. The Gumotexes do look a good bit better.
    Either way, getting pretty excited at the prospect of getting on the water.

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