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    Hi everyone, just found this forum after looking for an e-version logbook. So a bit about myself i guess. Im not a new paddler, as i have been paddling for a number of years on an off. My love of canoeing was rekindled 2 years ago when i went to Yukon, Canada with the Army Cadet exchange as an escort officer. As part of the cadets expedition instructor course they have to carryout a 5 day paddle along the Takhini and Yukon rivers. This was an amazing and life changing experience for me, so much so i did it again the following year.

    Since then i have completed the O2F/2* award in the Lakes and completed my 3* last week in Snowdonia (the joy of having an adventure training facility on tap). Im now looking to progress that to paddlesport leader and then coach. This will give me the ability to teach army cadets in the future.

    Also looking at building my own cedar strip canoe, just have to find somewhere to build it as i dont have the room at home, unless i ship out the wife and kids.

    Had a look through the forum and impressed do far with what ive seen, especially places to paddle advice.

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    Welcome along. May see you on the Medway some time.

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    Welcome from another South East paddler.
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    Hello and Welcome!

    Hope to see you on the waters of the South East sometime.
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