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    Which is the best place to acces the canal and how busy is it usually, I paddle a Penobscot 164 and am kind of a begginer so donít want it to busy with boats and stuff. also how wide or narrow is the canal on average?

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    The Basingstoke Canal is usually pretty quiet, although on a sunny bank holiday weekend there will inevitably be more traffic. It's definitely a great place to practise your paddling though.

    There are many access points, but the best section is from Winchfield Hurst to Odiham Castle (the put in point is here There's a free car park with easy access to the canal. The height barrier is just high enough for me to get under in an old X-trail with boat on top. The car park is locked at night. Launch and head south west towards Odiham down a beautiful, quiet and rural stretch. After 2.5/3 miles you'll pass Colt Hill Wharf, which is the only possibly busy bit on this stretch with a kayak club and boat hire.

    On average, I'd say the canal is about 8-10 meters across, with some narrower bits and some wider turning points/winding holes. It's plenty wide enough to avoid the odd narrow boat - just keep to the right of them.

    For great photos of this stretch of canal, put 'A Spring Evening in Hampshire' in the search box for a look at one of Mal Grey's blogs.


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    What Jim said. The other direction is almost as pleasant. All the launch points are on Paddle points.
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