Hello forum - first post. Very much enjoyed reading some of the blogs so far.

We are two relatively inexperienced paddlers who would like to take a 3-4 days trip this year in Central Europe. We will set off from Berlin, so somewhere we can get to from there via train. Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia. We speak English and German.

We would prefer to be mostly on a river, rather than flat water and also we would like to stay indoors (doesn't have to be luxury) - rather than camping - Perhaps this is against the spirit of a canoe holiday somewhat and it also raises more logistical problems of where to store the canoe etc

I found this company that does trips up the Vlatva in Czech Republic - but I also read that this part of the river is packed with canoes and very busy and possibly not very relaxing - so perhaps there is an alternative that is a little more off the beaten track?

I also read a little bit about the Obra in Poland, but I wondered how much flat water was involved there and whether there were accommodations if we didn't want to do camping?

Any companies or stretches of river that people would recommend or any tips for us to arrange a trip? Thanks in advance.