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    I think I'm in the right place!

    Having moved to Staffordshire in December and no means of boat transport until last Friday I was itching to get back to the water.
    On Wednesday after work me and a colleague parked in the car park at Stone canoe club for a trip down the Trent.
    I did some homework but didn't get that far, it turns out that even though Stone CC throw out world record breaking paddlers they don't travel south from their home base!
    We set off at around 4.30pm in good weather not too sure how far we would get, with varying reports of distance. I had prompted Mrs Twiggy that we would call to collect us when we were in a suitable place.

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    We got approximately 60 metres, then got beached on a gravel bank. Wet feet was the order of the trip. I dragged my Titanic back and across to deeper (but only just) water and we set off again. 100 metres later I was in again doing just the same. 45 minutes of getting used to our individual paddling techniques and we were faced with a felled tree, although there was access in a smaller boat it was not to be in the Titanic!
    A scramble and a wade over a loose bank and various fallen woodwork we dragged the boat back to flowing water.
    I was taken aback by the lack of water, although only 2 wading trips the river was lacking in various areas, over a few spots it was like going over canoe speed humps.
    We were expecting a couple of hours before we ended up at the pub, we were hugely misguided!
    Two hours of the twistyist waterway and we managed approximately half the distance we thought but carried the boat to the pub and called Mrs Twiggy to the rescue.
    Sadly no photos but we had a ball, if you want a relaxing tour down the Trent from Stone then take the canal!

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    Hi Twiggy,

    The Trent is very much dependent on water levels and debris (fallen trees etc) as to how pleasant and easy the paddle is. We have paddled from the Michelin Roundabout in Stoke down to Staffs & Stone Canoe Club, that was a pleasant run with just one drop en-route ... but it took the water levels to be nearly the max recorded and we were fortunate in the lack of fallen trees.
    The run it sounds as if you have done can be pleasant then again it can be a bit of a maul ... sorry you didn't pick the best of days.


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    I thoroughly enjoyed the run from Stone to Wolseley Bridge both times I've done it. Both were a comfortable day's outing and neither involved wet feet (except at the broken weir). Definitely worth another look after some wetter weather!
    I refuse to let the fact that I haven't got a clue what I'm doing hold me back.

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