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Thread: Cedar Strip Kits - Suppliers?

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    Default Cedar Strip Kits - Suppliers?

    I wonder if you fine folks might be able to point me in the direction of anybody in the UK (or Europe for that matter) that produces complete cedar strip canoe kits?

    I'm asking because we have had two inquiries from prospective builders who are looking for an all-in-one the solution but I've yet to land on something. My search has come up with all sorts of camping "kit" (oh the beauty of language), and some panel-built kits but no strip built boats. Yet.

    It also begs the question about whether it might not make sense for Ashes to licence a UK vendor/producer.

    Your thoughts kindly received ...
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    There are a few about:

    Cedar Strip don't currently sell kits, but might be someone interesting to approach if you were looking for a UK licensee. They could definitely help a UK builder who had purchased your plans.
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