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    I'm a family man with two kids under 10 yrs old. We are an active outdoors family. I would like to get into open canoeing and mix that with wild camping (which we already do). Any hints or tips will be appreciated. I have some limited experience with flat water but that's all. My budget is very tight and I will go down the inflatable route, mostly for convenience. Thanks for the welcome!

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Inflatables are a good way of getting afloat, if you're only paddling sheltered inland waters, though you'll need 2 of them to take the family with you. Even then, with camping gear space will be tight.

    One route, depending where you live, can be to join a club. Many have access to canoes you can borrow, and you'll also be able to learn more quickly amongst others. A few clubs, though, are more race or whitewater kayak based, so you do want to find the right one.

    Canoeing and wild camping are perfect together, you will have many happy times ahead!
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    Welcome. I’d recommend trying out an inflatable and a traditional canoe. Depending where you are there will probably be a meet-up or a club you can go to for a go in some different canoes. My suspicion is you will find the difference worth either saving up or waiting till you can get a bargain on the hard bodied canoe. There are exceptions but people who have the room for storage and the means to transport a canoe generally end up switching to one pretty quickly.

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    @magikelly storage is my reason for getting an inflatable. I have a campervan with a poptop. With a wife and two kids and a dog, space is at a premium and I'm not putting more holes in the van roof to put a rack on! Lol.

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