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    Hi All,

    I am planning to paddle from Henfield to Shoreham on the Adur river but would like to know what is the difference in tides to work out high tide at henfield compared to Shoreham. As I would like to be able to go over the weir on hide tide near Adur junction as I've a very big and heavy canoe.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    I used to paddle the lower reaches regularly, but not up as far as that so I can't really help.

    Quite a difficult one to judge, as it will also depend on how full the river is. I'd suggest looking at the EA levels gauges (most are on Paddle Points) and comparing peaks on those to the tide at Shoreham Harbour. Problem is, the gauges will be affected by that weir, upstream of it. Even Beeding seems hard to judge as the peaks caused by high tides are short. Peak there was 10.30ish last night, but I don't have an exact time for the harbour high tide last night, just today (3.50am low would suggest last high was 10ish last night). Estimates from today's tides suggest Beeding is therefore maybe only half hour to an hour behind Shoreham, but that isn't very precise! Above there, the smaller river will behave differently too. As there's relatively little water around at the moment, they might be expected to travel up a bit faster.

    As a comparison, tides on the Arun at Pulborough are something like 3.5 to 4 hours behind Littlehampton (and getting close to 20 miles from the mouth), and though the river is larger for longer than the Adur, I'd expect by the tidal limit it'll be a few hours behind. Not much help! You may have to go with best guess for the first attempt.

    There are a few south coast folk on SOTP who might know, though you may get a quicker result on this sort of query via the Facebook group.
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