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Thread: Tentipi 9 safir Pro tipi tent comfort floor alternative

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    Default Tentipi 9 safir Pro tipi tent comfort floor alternative

    Just picked up a safir 9 at a great price, however I'm struggling to warrent over 340 for the comfort floor (base model)

    Has anyone done a DIY job using a cheap tarp and maybe an awning carpet? I can pick these materials up pretty cheap.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I went for the comfort floor but also made a footprint out of a 5.4x5.4 faithfull tarp which works fine if your on a budget.

    some go for the robens klondike carpet flooring"""" I Think"""" you can always check by posting the same question on Tentipi user group.
    hope this helps Atb Terry
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    We bought the comfort floor with the tipi and in 8 years have never used it......a tarp cut to just oversize has been fine.
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