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Thread: Eire - route advice for family please

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    Default Eire - route advice for family please

    I was wondering about a four nights, three days route for two flat water grandparents ( Mrs G and myself) and the littlies (11, 10 and 6)

    Closish to a ferry port would help, although not Cork, sadly. The ferry takes an age.


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    I think lough Erne and Shannon systems are going to be your best bet, neither are particularly close to the ferries but for the kind of paddling you mentioned probably your best options. Have a look here

    The Royal and Grand Canals are close to Dublin but run close to main roads for much of their lengths and not as interesting as the others I've mentioned
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    The Barrow would be a good flatwater paddle and isn't far from Roslare ferry port. There are weirs every few kilometers with short stretches of canal with locks bypassing them. You'll need a lock key. There's a public towpath from Athy to St. Mullins so there's always a camp spot. More wild camping can be found on the islands or on the opposite side to the towpath in places.

    Another option is the Shannon, most of which can be reached within 2 hours from Dublin. For a 3 day paddle you could do Carrick on Shannon to Termonbarry which has several mid sized lakes to cross. So maybe not for novices if its windy. Or Shannonbridge to Portumna which has no lakes and only 1 lock which is manned and automated so you won't even need to get out.

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