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    Default Hello from Loch Lomond

    Names Cris*, and I live within a mile of Lomond. Been a kayaker on and off for years. In the last few I've been living in Edinburgh and had no real use for a boat, so I sold everything I had off, but now I'm back in the lochs I've bought a new one, a Z-Pro TA300 inflatable due to space issues and not having any transport other than shanks pony. Looking forward to getting back out, but, of course, the weather has turned bad the day my new boat comes. Oh well.

    *No, I didn't spell it wrong. That's how its spelled.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Sitting and waiting for the wind to die on the banks of a Scottish loch is something many of us on here are rather too used to. You'll fit in fine! Hope you get out in your new canoe soon.
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    Welcome. Loch Lomond is one of my regular places to paddle. Usually from Balmaha so good chance we might meet on the water at some point. Which bit of Loch Lomond are you near?

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    Im in balloch, more or less. I usually push out from the public slip at Balmaha if my fishing buddy is with me though.was down on the shore today, bending ears, looking for places to launch within trolley distance of my flat. Wanted to get out but the wind was just a bit too high for my liking.

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    Cris you can put in at the moss o balloch which should be trolley distance from your flat , I am in balloch too drop me a pm if you fancy a paddle at some point

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    Thanks jag. i spoke to the guys at the VOLDAC clubhouse and they reckon I can use the slips there too. Thats a lot of help, means I can lock my trolley to the fence and have eyes on it most of the day too. I might well hit you up sometime.

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