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Thread: Female Ranger Retires

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    Default Female Ranger Retires

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    What a lot of hassle she had to go through, and only fairly recently too.

    Mrs MP is a countryside ranger, mostly delivering education and interpretation events now, but still undertakes the tree safety assessments and gets out to do a bit practical work sometimes too. There have never been any issues about her gender whatsoever - in fact we've often said that a few more female rangers coming through would be a good thing.

    Sounds like Barb Soderberg was clear on what she wanted to do.
    I bet she doesn't really retire tho' - I'd bet on her finding a way to carry on - volunteering maybe, or just out enjoying the countryside.

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    I used to be a Ranger,still am, in spirit at least. only job I ever wanted.

    When I started, the Ranger service in Europe was still dominated by men with beards (bit like canoeing) Many of them had set veiws about who a Ranger should be (not female, short hair, no earings etc) and many of them felt I wasn't likely to be up to repairing paths, felling trees, left on my own in remote areas. I was the youngest State employed Ranger in Europe at the time and felt my age and gender occasinally counted against me. I worked very hard to prove I was capable. Now there seems to be more female Rangers than men, but the roles expected seem to hace changed in many instances too.

    The only time I was overruled going out on patrol was when someone reported a man exposing himself in a wooded area. Neither myself or a female summer Ranger were allowed to go and have a look.

    I hope Barb fully enjoys her 'retirement' doing what she loves.
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    Done a lot, lived through a lot, enjoyed a lot and now she'll get to do some of it again, only with her grandchildren. Good luck to her and the area she so loves.

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