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Thread: Hi from Newcastle under Lyme Staffs

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    Hi All, I`ve just joined Song of the Paddle and i`d like to say hello, and I`m hoping to find some information, inspiration and probably instruction.
    I have a Gumotex Twist inflatable kayak that a take in my motorhome. I`ve had it for couple of years but only used it for the first time last year in the warmth of Croatia`s Adriatic coastal waters
    I`d like to use it more in the UK and I`m looking for tips on good locations, thinking Lake District or North Wales ?
    Off to search the forum now, but you`re sure to be getting plenty of newbie questions very shortly, such as how do you stay dry to avoid hyperthermia in UK and how do you get in and out of a kayak whilst maintaining a degree of dignity ?
    PS I tried to load a photo but it asked for URL ??? don`t think my photo has a URL ?

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    Hello and welcome.

    Have a look on Paddle points for ideas on places to paddle. In the Lake District, East Side of Coniston, and Kettlewell on Derwentwater, spring to mind, assuming calm weather.
    Closer to home, canals and navigations are good for learning on.
    I'm not entirely sure that dignity is ever an option

    To post a photo, host it on somewhere like Flickr then it'll have a URL to link to.

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