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Thread: Is that the time?

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    Default Is that the time?

    'Morning, just. I started reading the website yesterday evening having seen it mentioned on another forum. There is much that I find interesting and a lot that mystifies me too. Zero knowledge of canoes and canoeing and only ever attempted it once, in a wobbly plastic Kayak thing loaded with kit, paddling against the flow of a tidal river. Not a happy Bunny...
    Thought I might give it a go again at a more leisurely pace in something more stable, so the hunt begins, but I need to learn what I am looking for first. Because of storage restrictions and transport limitations it might well be a decent...stable...inflatable, but the stowage problem may well be resolved in the near future, so a rigid canoe could follow.
    Anyway, enough for now, but happy to be here.

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    Welcome on board. Many of our members start with inflatables. One has even gone the other way starting with a rigid but finding a "pump hull" the best option.

    Either way it's good to have you here. Good luck with the search.
    Big Al.

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    Welcome. As Al has said many members start with an inflatable and it often leads to a rigid canoe. Folders are more expensive but tend to solve the storage problem with less of the drawbacks. However whatever you get you will find it really opens up the outdoors to being explored in a way you can’t do on foot.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    There are quite a lot of us in the southeast, keep an eye on the meets section once you're afloat, and have a read in the blogs section too.
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