Exciting News!
I just learned that two other canoeing events will overlap our event at Paul Smith's;

40th Anniversary Reunion Assembly
https://www.wcha.org/annual-assembly July 16-21st

ADK (Freestyle) Canoeing Symposium
http://freestylecanoeing.com/adirond...noe-symposium/ July 18-21st

ADK Mountain Club St. Regis Paddling Outing
https://www.adk.org/play/canoe-kayak...paddle-outing/ July 15-25th

That means there will be a lot of active paddling folk together in one place! And a lot of canoes!

I hope you can make it down to join in the midsummer festivities .

Rob Stevens
Program Coordinator, Annual Assembly
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association wcha.org