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    Hi all,

    i am am going to the outer Hebrides in July with my daughter, my dog and canoe. I was hoping for some tips for paddling inland lochs on Barra, south and North Uist and Skye. Any tips like put in points, parking easy paddling lochs etc. We won’t be camping but going out each day. Hope someone can help. Happy new year and happy paddling

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    South Uist, Benbecula and North Uist are the islands to go for, they're almost more loch than land. Not many inland lochs worth paddling on in Barra or Skye. If you get the Ordnance Survey map you'll be able to spot where the road is close to the water, then look on Google Maps satellite view or street view. Scottish law gives you access to almost any loch provided you're reasonable, see the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. When looking for parking spots, bear in mind that many roads are single track with passing places, which must not be parked in. Otherwise, take some anti-midge spray (Smidge is recommended) and you'll have a great time.

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    Great thanks. Don’t suppose you know if I could do a bit of fly fishing for brown trout for free

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    Hi Bill, welcome to SotP.

    I live in Lancashire and we may meet up sometime.

    Chris B and I sought shelter from a storm by going into Loch Obasaraigh, on North Uist.

    We watched this waterspout develop, it was away in the Atlantic.

    There was little shelter!

    The day we left the loch to go back to sea. Fine weather but a stiff breeze.

    The surprising thing was the water, we expected freshwater but it was brackish. We did obtain freshwater from streams that ran into the loch.

    I hope that is some enticement, there is plenty of inland water and much of it can be connected. It may involve portage.

    In the ferry terminal these words were displayed.

    Take your pick.

    When there's trouble on shore, there's peace on the wave,
    Afloat in the White Canoe.
    Alan Sullivan

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