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    I am new to the forum and would like to ask if any members can help me with some info.

    Have any members successfully paddled UP the river Shiel from the castle back up to Loch Shiel .

    I know that the waterfall will only be passable at high tide ,

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    There was a similar question on the Facebook page recently (19th July, can't link to it but this might work):

    In summary "depends", and will involve working up the river by whatever method works. State of tide, and amount of water flowing in the river will decide how hard it is, or if its too shallow to get the paddle in in places. Yes it is doable, and if the tide isn't right, the portage round the falls is reasonably short. If there's lots of water in the river, though, it would be very hard work in places, especially near the small bridge by Blain, and even in moderate levels there would almost definitely be a fair bit of lining/tracking or poling.

    When we did it downstream, the flow for the last few hundred metres above the falls was fast enough for us to be quite careful approaching the get out for the portage. Some, but not many, images in this blog, along with other info on the Loch Shiel Circuit which may be of use:

    John (Elveys) and Peter did this the other way round just after we finished, so they did go upstream: They poled or lined quite a bit of it, seems it took them about half a day to get to Loch Shiel from their camp on Loch Moidart fairly near the Castle.

    Its a great part of the world, enjoy!
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    Thank you very much for the information which is more detailed than I had expected, and will no doubt be useful on the trip.

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    When water levels are high, even paddling against the current at the bottom end of the loch can be pretty hard work. We struggled to make 3km/h in the first part after launching near the bridge at the SW end of the loch. And that was paddling tandem. The current was visible and pushy until it widened out a bit.
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    Thanks very much , useful info.

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