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Thread: Old Town Discovery 158 For Sale

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    Default Old Town Discovery 158 For Sale

    It's time to put sentimentality aside and sell my first boat. I've not used it for about a year since the new Prospector arrived, and I've been told the space could be used more usefully. I bought the boat as an ex-hire boat in 2011 in pretty good condition. In the time I've had it has been well used all over the country and abroad - Thames, Dee, Great Ouse, Wye, Severn, Wey, Spey, Dordogne.... Consequently it is not as shiney as it was when new and has the usual scratches, wear and tear that you would expect. It is however sound, and will last many more years. It is laced, and includes buoyancy blocks (although would consider selling without). Was used solo a lot which is why the front seat was changed for wooden seat, but I still have the original plastic moulded one to pass on. I have had to plastic weld a couple of cracks on the inside laminate, but the external is not affected at all.
    Length: 15'8" (4.8m), Width:35.5" (0.92m) Weight approx 39Kg Three layer polyethylene
    I live in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and am hoping for around 450.00
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    Still for sale if anyone wants to make an offer?

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