Fitting Out by Mark Carrington, on Flickr

It’s coming up to a year since we refreshed the Apache Canoes website and introduced the new ranges and I’m pleased to say we’ve had a fantastic response with plenty of people taking advantage of the new demo fleet. Lots of people taking delivery of their new canoes too!

So, by way of a thank you to all who have supported the events and are thinking of having a shiny new Apache, we thought we’d make a special Black Friday offer. If you order a new canoe on Friday, or any time in the week following to Friday 30th, we will:

- Include any extras to the value of 200 free of charge, for example you could have a special colour, deep dished yoke, comfort seats or even upgrading from vinyl to wooden gunwales!
- Offer “Ready to Play” spec at half price saving 125.

So, if you were thinking of a Christmas present for someone special, or even yourself, give me a shout!