Here's a wee video from a day out on Loch Voil, the very short run up the connecting section of the River Larig and round Loch Doine.

Weather was great if a bit chilly with conditions on the water really good. Normally I avoid the Trossachs, while the area is lovely it's usuallu mobbed with tourists, however at this time of year the area was very quiet and we had the loch to ourselves. The area is nice with none of the rubbish and multitude of fire rings to often seen elsewhere which I'm assuming is at least partly down to the camping management legislation.

Parked up about halfway up on the North bank, rowed up to the West end and took the short run up the River Larig (or at least the portion that connects the two lochs). It's probably only around two hundred yards with no appreciable flow. The water was high after a lot of rain so we passed through with only one wee scrape - in low water I guess you'd probably need to line your canoe for a little distance. You have to watch just as you enter Doine as it's quite shallow
Loch Doine is a little more 'remote' than Voil with only one noticeable habitation (the Hostel I think) at the East end. It's a small lochan (I think we paddled -at a relaxed pace - up and back in around an hour). Judging by the weed it's looks fairly shallow as well but easily navigable.

We paddled back down and took lunch on the South bank at an obvious spot - there was a neat wee campsite with a single tidy fire ring and a couple of log 'benches' obviously used by people that tidy up after themselves which was a pleasant change.

We spent the afternoon doing a bit of exploring before headin back. Voil is a lovely place, perfect for a day trip maybe an overnighter if you want to explore every nook and cranny. The only issue is parking, there's loads of great places to put-in but you'll struggle to find a place to leave the car.