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Thread: Hi from Tyne and wear

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    Default Hi from Tyne and wear

    Hi everyone, new to the site and to canoeing! This is something Iíve been looking to do for too long and this year I built my first canoe with the guys out at orca in Penrith. Sheís a beauty and Iíve had her in the water a couple of times and starting to look for where I can get to wider afield.

    most of my paddling right now is in north east England but Iím keen to get wider afield. Iíve got a general interest in camping, hiking and bushcraft as well so just enjoy being out and about. Anyone in the north who doesnít mind showing a newbie about then please let me know!

    thanks for the add, Iíll get some pics of my boat up soon
    all the best!

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Those Orca canoes are remarkably good craft, congrats on a successful build.

    Have a look on Paddle Points for north east ideas, though many of them are either moving water or coastal. "Crow" posted lots of blogs of the smaller rivers up there while he lived in the area, might be worth searching for some of those too.

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    Hi and Welcome
    If in doubt, hit it with a hammer!!

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    Thanks mal grey, it really is a lovely boat, and thanks for the mention on paddle points I’ll give that a look.

    managed to get out on the Tyne at the weekend for a short paddle to Cobridge which was v nice.

    thanks again

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    Thanks, hope I don’t need to hit it with a hammer too soon!!!

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    Hi there,
    pictures please...that's way too much teasing

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