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    Hi everybody, ok so ive just committed to my first canoe trip on the river Wye next year, we're hiring for 3 days, ive been told by a friend who did the same thing this year that a cushion for the seat would be a good investment, has anyone tried to use a 25mm thick, rolled up memory foam mattress as a cushion so that it can double up as a camping mattress at night? or would it absorb water?

    Just a thought
    any advice welcomed

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    Hello and Welcome again!

    I would say memory foam mattress is more likely to absorb water than a standard foam camping mat, or a "self-inflating" mat. Any of them would work, but all of them would struggle to be folded. I'd take whatever you normally use as a camping mat for that use, and by a cheap foam "sit mat" (square of foam type thing) for the seat, if you indeed need it.

    Hard plastic seats may be common in hire canoes, but some do have webbing seats, which will mean you don't need the foam mat.

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    Great, thanks for the advice, ill get in touch with the hirer for more info

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    I had a thing rectangle on camping mat on the seats of one of my canoes but it was actually for insulation rather than comfort. If you are not paddling often then you want to avoid anything that raises your centre of gravity too much as it will effect stability.

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