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Thread: FS: Alpacka Yak packraft - £470

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    Default FS: Alpacka Yak packraft - £470

    Been offered a deal on something similar so time to sell my brilliant Alpacka Yak.
    Very rare chance to buy a used US-made Alpacka in the UK.
    Pics from Iceland, Turkey, France, NW Scotland and back garden

    A new Yak costs at least £870, if you can get one. (Mine took months to arrive from CO).

    Yaks are classified as ‘medium’ (suitable up to 6’ 1” - my height).
    Easily handles WW2 with my 95kg + bow loads up to 20kg.
    WW3 needs some after bailing
    Tested buoyancy two-up @ 160kg – doable providing not too wavey.
    Deflating the backrest gives you a bit more leg room if wearing boots.
    Shoving something behind you positions shorter paddlers more centrally (once seat is moved forward; easily done with my mod).
    Either way, feet lightly braced against the front is best for control and paddling efficiency.

    I spec’d mine with a lighter 420D floor (much easier to roll up than old-style 840D)
    But as a precaution I additionally applied a 420D ‘butt patch’ where most wear occurs in the shallows
    Ie: there are two layers of 420 where it's needed most.

    Edges protected with duct tape. But it’s barely marked.

    Many, many more years of adventures left in this boat.

    In the box:
    • Boat with 2 rear and 4 forward grab loops, inflation valve cap on a lanyard
    • Seat with my reversible zip-tie Q/D mod for faster removing/drying/repositioning
    • Backrest (removable)
    • Orange inflation bag (good as emergency signal or a carry bag)
    • Repair kit with 1 patch + 2 bits of Tyvek tape (never used)
    • Non-original (but less flimsy) carry bag

    Other items pictured not included.

    Post will be £6.29 with C+

    (please note: email scanty from Nov 6 until Dec)

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