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Thread: A Few Sunny Hours on the Nene - again

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    Default A Few Sunny Hours on the Nene - again

    It didn't start off too smoothly when the road to our chosen launch spot (twixt Aldwincle and Thorpe) was closed for bridge repairs but being resourceful fellows we bumped our way down a nearby byway, through a ford, carried over 2 gates and then a 100m portage.......had to sit down for a rest!..........the track goes through the Y of byway

    The shuttle car had been left by the stately pile known as Lilford Hall which started life in 1495 and is now Grade 1 listed

    So we ended up launching straight into the maelstrom that is Brancey Brook

    And as if that wasn't exciting enough.....immediately on to the mighty grade 0.2 rapids

    Thankfully it all calms down for a while

    And we get to say hello to the blokes who've closed the road - Hippo, who knows about these things, complimented them on their pointing skills - they seemed happy chaps and wished us bon voyage

    We stopped, as we always do, at Peartree Island - a Friends of the River Nene mooring that was devoid of anything long, black and metally or even short, white and plasticky

    Where Hippo points out the hot bits in his new miniature firebox thing

    Conscious that we'd spent as much time resting as we had paddling we moved on....

    Towards Wadenhoe

    There's a few of these screw turbines going in along the Nene - this one has been a comedy of errors - it took three times longer to install than estimated and within a couple of days the river had flooded - how unforeseen! - and as nobody had thought to reinforce the newly dug channel to the turbine, the water simply scoured out an alternative 12' wide route down one side.

    This has severely affected navigation - hence green buoy - as all the scoured out earth has settled in the main river and, judging by the state of the building I reckon they've simply lost interest in it all, run out of money or are arguing over who's to blame!

    Approaching Lilford

    The shuttle car is parked half way along the backwater that bypasses Lilford lock - said backwater used to be an EA approved canoe route before they realised it was unpaddle-able due to reeds in summer and dangerous in winter due to a low bridge.

    You can drag a boat past reeds or you can ease under the chains..........

    Either way you end up slipping down here

    And promptly getting stuck in a newly downed tree

    If it wasn't for the proximity to the car we might have had to have another rest - final obstacle, the small gauging station weir - water often reaches the bridge and it's an EA asset but somehow nobody noticed the height!

    Journey's End - a few hours out in the sun with nothing terribly exciting happening but just great to be out in a boat and have the river to ourselves (except the brickies)

    Thanks for looking - regards to you all, Dick
    A ship should not ride on a single anchor, nor life on a single hope - Epictetus

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    Had me worried there for a bit. I thought it was all going to be canoeing with no clambering over trees

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    You need to be more specific. There are two Y's in byway!

    Great blog and cracking weather for it too.
    Big Al.

    Only when the last tree has died
    and the last river been poisoned
    and the last fish been caught
    will we realise we cannot eat money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Al. View Post
    You need to be more specific. There are two Y's in byway!

    Great blog and cracking weather for it too.
    bl**dy pedantic tech authors (retired).

    enjoyed the blog though and for once you’ve got better weather than here.
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    Another grand adventure.
    Fingers in the fire must be an entertainment technique, I just take a flask.


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    Familiar places, must be time to return soon.

    Taken them a while to get round to that bridge!

    Burns Night approach

    That screw shed certainly needs a little TLC, you'd think it was decades old!

    Keep 'em coming...

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