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Thread: We Robbed the Weatherman Part 1

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    Default We Robbed the Weatherman Part 1

    The forecast for the weekend was abysmal. I had organised our final OCA meet at Barton Turf and I suspect that many had been put off by the impending weekend of doom and gloom so the booked number of participants was down on what we normally achieve. But, this is Norfolk, the driest county in the UK.

    I arrived at 11am and got the Tentipi set up along with the new event shelter which would give one and all cover from the forecasted storm; I took the precaution of putting the stove in the tent.

    fullsizeoutput_27d4 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    Others started to arrive throughout the afternoon and we went for a warm up paddle in the afternoon up the River Ant. Wonderful autumnal colours were abound.

    fullsizeoutput_27cf by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_27b9 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_27b4 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    There were some interested observers around....

    fullsizeoutput_27a0 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    On the Friday night with the group assembled some dined at the BTAC whilst others opted for the Fur & Feather at Woodbastwick for steak & kidney pud washed down by Woodfordes best. A great way to start the weekend. Over supper there were a few grumblings from some about the weather especially the predicted high winds but I tend to follow the maxim " There's no such thing as bad weather; just inappropriate clothing". I had trips in mind which would be fine, just fine for all.

    That night the weather gods threw everything in their repertoire at us, wind, torrential rain and waking to heaps of ice around the tent suggested hail storms as well. At breakfast we worked the days journey; the Upper Bure starting at Little Hautbois (pronounced Hobbits: well we are in Norfolk!) running with the wind and current down through Horstead, Coltishall, Belaugh and then finishing at Hoveton. We paired people up and had three solos paddlers with the rest in tandems. Rich opened to come with me and spent the day "air paddling" as he weighs as much as my left leg!. I dropped my car at Roys long term car park in Hoveton to do the driver shuttle at the end and then we were off to the put in.

    The day was set fine, the river was full and flowing well; the doubters were asking where was the rain and wind whilst others took what we had as a lucky and pleasant bonus.

    fullsizeoutput_27e3 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_27f5 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_2845 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    We made good time on this wonderful sheltered section of the Upper Bure running towards Horstead

    fullsizeoutput_2857 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_2875 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_2889 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    The hounds were chilled as we approached the portage

    fullsizeoutput_2890 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    The autumn was quite golden

    fullsizeoutput_28a1 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28a2 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    Tea and snacks were taken at the portage along with the requisite amount of faffing

    fullsizeoutput_289d by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_289a by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    There was something in the air and the water; tranquility.

    fullsizeoutput_28a6 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28a7 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    There was time for a quick play in the mill race.

    fullsizeoutput_28a8 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28ab by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28ae by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    Off again down the mill leat.

    fullsizeoutput_28b2 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28b3 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    The law in England is that you must not pass an open pub so we didn't; ale was taken at the Rising sun in the sun. The doubters were still looking for the wind and rain; they were rewarded with a few spits of rain which quickly evaporated as we then left and headed on towards Belaugh and The Belaugh Loop.

    fullsizeoutput_28b7 by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28ba by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28bb by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    fullsizeoutput_28bf by Nick Dennis, on Flickr

    We made Hoveton but the doubters got their wish and the last mile or so was punctuated with heavy rain and squalls forcing the group to take shelter under the trees.

    Back to BTAC by 4pm so a good days paddle with the first score to us against the weatherman.

    That evening we had a group meal at the Centre where sheila produced a great hearty chilli followed by some fantastic desserts; wine and ale made it a great social evening. Off to bed and again the weather gods threw even more at us throughout the night but we survived and the next morning was bright, sunny and dry with some gusts which were manageable.

    To Be Continued....
    Get Paddling!


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    Nice (part) One Blott
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    A lot of waterproof jackets on show for such a sunny day!
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    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve paddled in great weather despite an apocalyptic forecast. Unfortunately the same is true in the reverse combination but I like paddling in all weathers so it’s a win win

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