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Thread: Review - The Pull of the River: A Journey into the Wild and Watery Heart of Britain

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    Default Review - The Pull of the River: A Journey into the Wild and Watery Heart of Britain

    I read this on my kindle over a few months. Its a very enjoyable story of the adventures of the author and his friend as they built a canoe and then travelled round various UK rivers discovering a new sport and more about themselves in the process. Eloquently written, the book entertained, educated and inspired me. I liked all the backstories to the various places they visited, made it more than just an adventure, I learned something along the way

    I really enjoyed some of the descriptive language, although I think at times I found it a bit hard going and it took me longer than expected to read.

    "The heron has been in front of us all day. It could, of course, be a succession of different herons, but somehow its comforting to think weve had constant company: a guide. Hes standing now near the right bank, both legs planted in the water up to grey-skinned knees his neck echoing the curves of the river. We put our paddles across our knees and let the water push us towards him. The canoe, in all her shock-red glory, is not a vessel of stealth, but she glides almost silently, the water breaking under her hull with the slightest wet whisper, like sleigh bells tinkling on the river bed."

    Recommended reading

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    THanks David, must look it up.
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