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Thread: Sunshine on the Nene

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    Default Sunshine on the Nene

    When Mrs Patterdale gets that look in her eyes and says 'Do you fancy.....?' my little eyes light up with anticipation - she has long given up asking if I fancy a shopping trip and nowadays it tends to mean do I fancy visiting some of her relatives - there are some members of her family who probably think I'm buried under the patio so adept am I at swerving such invites - after pretending to think about the offer I went for the usual....'but you could drop me off at the river'.........

    So she Irthlingborough where you pays your money, you takes your choice - the relatively new A6 bridge - obviously designed by an architect in a very bad mood

    ....or the old A6 bridge which simply evolved over several centuries

    Stanwick backwaters meander drunkenly around a nature reserve which is seeing increasing numbers of egrets

    My issues with the EA are well documented but this is a canoe route that local hire companies send complete beginners down

    Easy stuff in really low water but some nasty bits in high flows - anyway, it's lovely - but even in this open space the reeds direct you straight under the tree at the end unless you are careful

    Addington backwater isn't an official canoe route so access can be a challenge

    But well worth it as it loses nothing in the beauty stakes to its Stanwick neighbour

    Plenty of aerial action

    Watched a single crow harass two red kites for ages

    The wind virtually disappeared by Woodford and the afternoon turned nicely reflective

    Friends of the River Nene mooring at Woodford - a prime hammocking site yet 20 minutes walk to a pub and a chippie

    A few yards downstream is the rather lovely Woodford church

    Silk purses and sows' ears spring to mind but even the industrial might of Woodford lock went all pretty on me

    I don't think this is the ford in Woodford but it adds some interest in the backwater

    The final leg of the trip down the Denford backwater

    A local resident looked on.... I disturbed another

    A dinky little sloping bridge further along the backwater

    Journey's end at the war memorial at Denford - where I sat in the sunshine and waited for the totally relatived-up Mrs Patterdale to pitch up......I don't know why she does it, she always gets stressed - maybe she should try paddling?

    But then again, it might just be I'm an unsociable, miserable beggar - regards to you all, Dick
    A ship should not ride on a single anchor, nor life on a single hope - Epictetus

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    Looking good. What a day to be out on the water.
    Big Al.

    Only when the last tree has died
    and the last river been poisoned
    and the last fish been caught
    will we realise we cannot eat money.
    ~Cree Indian Proverb

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    Stunning weather, not been out in the canoe since Friday! Gotta sort that...

    As always, great blog and fine pictures that make us all jealous.

    Off to check on the remote controlled menagerie, as some of them seem to have disappeared...

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    Looks great, shame you missed out on the relatives company

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    Looks great! Your blogs always leave me feeling inspired to explore the Nene sometime.

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