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Thread: Armelite Robson Brooks 16ft repair

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    Default Armelite Robson Brooks 16ft repair

    I have been offered a Robson Brooks 16ft at a very reasonable price second hand. The canoe meets the specs I am interested in however it has a repair done to it. I have seen various posts saying they are a nightmare to repair properly however the seller is reputable (known to me) and i'm told it has been water tight for 3 years.

    What do you think - take a punt on it or not?

    I have some photos of the damage i will post as soon as i figure out how..... Its a patch on the inside can't be seen on the outside unless you look very very closely

    thank you

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    I'd paddle that.

    The big problem with those is the spelling - this is the third variation I've noticed.



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    I believe this material is like the Twintex used by Esquif in that it is polypropylene and fibreglass weave. The poly rejects most adhesives, making repair a problem. However, there are specialty adhesives like 3M Scoth-Weld Structural Plastic Adhesive Blue DP80 which work well. They are expensive, and require a special applicator gun which correctly mixes the two-part adhesive. The gun cost about $50 Cdn and the adhesive was also pricey. It does not harden like epoxy, but more like silicon -- sort of rubbery. That said, I patched up my Zephyr successfully by fibreglassing over cracks. Still holding 3 years later.

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