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Thread: Hello from Penistone, Yorkshire

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    Default Hello from Penistone, Yorkshire

    Hi All,

    Very new to the forums but not so much to being on the water. Spent a lot of time windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, or just jumping into lakes as a kid but done very little since reaching adulthood. At 31 I'm beginning to feel the oncoming incredibly early midlife crisis and having given up motorcycling, began looking into anything that would allow me to escape everyday life for a few hours every now and then and enjoy nature.

    Thankfully my wife is very happy that I seem to be settling on getting a canoe and enjoying pottering about on the canals and rivers; especially as the other options were scuba diving, paragliding, or caving. She seems quite keen on joining me on a quick 1 day introductory course ran by Peaks and Paddles, but it's pretty likely I will be going solo most of the time.

    I'm looking forward to hanging about on the forums and hopefully meeting people as time goes on. The blogs are very inspiring and have given me a good few ideas of areas to visit once I get a canoe.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    An intro course is always a good idea, and will help point you in the right direction. Then its just the good old "which canoe?" question! The answer is often "whatever is easily available secondhand", especially when you've only just started as most types will be fine, though with a bit of a budget you can be more particular.
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    Hello from the same town! I also enjoy pottering on canals and rivers. Happy to meet up sometime, though my weekends are distressingly busy at the moment.
    You'd be welcome to try out my boats - one of which, the apache 15 may soon be up for sale to make room for something shorter and tippier. Let me know if you fancy a paddle

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    I’m not really as local but am originally from sunny N Yorkshire... either way, welcome to the forum. People are generally helpful and there are plenty of active paddlers to pair with.

    Enjoy and post stuff. It’s worth it
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