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Thread: Cedar Strip - Epoxy Issues

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    Default Cedar Strip - Epoxy Issues

    First canoe build and it was all going so well (other than dropping it mid build once).

    Got the first two coats of Epoxy on last night prior to rain forced play to stop.

    I thought it was covered - but by tarp isn't as water tight as i thought and i woke up today to find drip and run marks on / in the epoxy.

    Some look to be surface only and the plan is a light sanding then more coats over the top.

    However - some seem to be under the fiber weave / epoxy and have run down the inside leaving an internal white mark.

    Is this now staying unless I re-apply the entire coat (which is near impossible).

    Second issue is i have a few voids under the fiberglass / epoxy of air. Is there a standard way of "fixing" this? I was leaning towards drilling some small holes and injecting more Epoxy.

    Edit - Pictures;

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    If the white runs (blush) are external, a scrubbing with vinegar should take care of them. If it's between coats you could be stuck with them.
    Your bigger problem is with the the voids as this is where you'll end up with future problems. Your instincts are correct to want to rectify them. Either cut them out and apply patches, or you can try filling but could end up with unsightly bubbles.
    Good luck with it.
    Trevor Paetkau
    Ashes Still Water Boats
    Canoe Plans | Custom Boats

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    Cheer Trevor, It's actually one of your plans i'm building to (Tandem with added Ash stems).

    Voids are sorted, and the bulk of the blushing was sorted with a heat gun and sanding on the worst parts.

    Isn't vinegar more for clearing up the Epoxy - won't it damage the finish along the same lines as sanding?

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    I've yet to have vinegar impact a finish ... not saying it couldn't ... just that I have no experience with it.
    It will activate tannins in wood though so don't let it splash onto unsealed wood.
    Trevor Paetkau
    Ashes Still Water Boats
    Canoe Plans | Custom Boats

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