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    I may regret this but here goesÖ Iím offering my green Supernova (Royalex plus) for sale, £1000 no offers (cost £1399 new in August 2016). Iím sure that anyone considering this boat will know their stuff but I found it to be a fast, fun, and responsive river-runner which was also comfortable for flatwater touring. Why am I selling it? Three reasons: (1) I canít pole it; (2) I stay drier going through large wave trains in my Pocket Canyon; (3) I need the space. Itís drilled and laced for airbags (not included; I need them for my other boats), has a glued-in kneeling mat, and I installed D-rings which I later removed (but I can replace them if required). The hull has the scratches youíd expect from its nine grade 2 river trips but the boatís in nice condition having been stored in my garage from new. The Dropbox link below contains photos and a PDF list of all its outings.

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    What’s the length and weight please

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    14' 10" and according to the bare boat is 26.4 kg.

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