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    Three sailing canoes met up for a long weekend of sailing and camping trip on the lakes of Friesland. One from Switzerland, one from Germany and a Dutch boat. Each skipper with their own perspective and styles, each skipper with their own language. We spoke english, dutch, german. One skipper had comfort, a good kitchen but a heavier boat. One skipper packed light, resulting in a fast boat with a less comfort. One skipper was alround, having a bit of everything. We learned from each other. Picking up things that would be good ideas for a next canoe camping trip, because one things is sure, a next trip will be there. This is our report. Three days in the heart of the Friesian lakes area. Good weather, good food, good company.

    Filming by Axel, Enno and Koos

    Video here:
    Canoe sailing trips:

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    Nice trip fellas, thanks for sharing.
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