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Thread: The Welland through Stamford - a soggy hammock overnighter

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    Default The Welland through Stamford - a soggy hammock overnighter

    Despite the BBC's Tuesday promise of sunshine, Thursday afternoon at Tinwell in England's smallest county of Rutland, demonstrated that this was, in fact, fake news, or at least fake weather ......

    Through strategic and selective blindness to various private signs we often pick up boats from the side of this little beach on the Welland - nobody seems to mind ....... at least there was some water this far downstream

    Reeds were to be our nemesis later in the trip

    Nice bridge - shame about the A1

    In moderate conditions this weir is shootable; in high conditions it has horrendous towback into a recirculator but today, in low water, there was a two foot drop at the bottom

    Followers of our blogs will know we are not averse to the odd drop - but, exercising remarkable common sense for a change, we opted not to to risk the curry, beer and wine on the altar of adrenaline fuelled yee-hah-ness

    Opting instead for something probably equally dodgy in the absence of a portage route either side

    A not unpleasant trundle into Stamford

    Stamford is a town of Georgian splendour, apparently....

    Whatever, it had some nice churches and bridges

    It also boasts more than a kilometre of green crud

    Backing up from Hudds Mill where hardly anything was going over the weir

    By now it's full blown monsoon conditions - that might be a slight exaggeration but it was exceedingly wet

    No problem....

    Bit of an issue.....

    A big deal.....

    A 300 metre drag past an immense river wide reed bed was required - just for fun, 'cos we love this sort of the rain

    An executive decision was made that we'd had enough and the next campable spot would be home for the night

    Whereupon the rain stopped....

    The sun came out and hammocks were pitched or whatever the correct term may be

    ......and Hippo set about drying his wet posterior over the just can't buy class can you?

    But you can buy a decent Malbec, serve it in hand crafted designer glasses and team it with a Hippo special chicken madras

    Several sleeping draughts tasting suspiciously like Old Speckled Hen ensured the sleep of the righteously sozzled and we awoke to the sunshine we had expected - I rather fell for this old willow which must be donkey's years old and despite being bent and broken is still throwing up new growth - I can see us returning to this camp

    After an hour or so of reed bashing we came to the Barnack Road bridge

    ....and journey's end..........we had intended carrying on to Maxey but shortly after the bridge there was a reed bank of at least a kilometre that we could see and probably longer......we collectively thought '.......... that for a game of soldiers' and invested £8 each in a cab to retrieve the shuttle car - money well spent IMHO as we'd still be there now otherwise!

    Regards to you all, Dick

    PS - quick map - Tinwell left, Barnack right

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    Another grand adventure, no water in the river, too much falling out of the sky, and pea soup to paddle in, some crazy coot has to do it.
    Keep up the madness.


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    Nice one gentlemen.

    Stamford is a pretty town.

    That does look a great little camping spot.
    Simms ..

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    An ideal overnight trip. A bit of everything and most weathers too

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    Mad, bad and dangerous to know...and I just love it!
    You just can't beat a little jungle boogie!
    Keep yer paddles wet, and powder dry....


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    Nice one dick, I used to live there many years back but never paddled it, probably due to not having a boat at the time.
    paired with yet another top curry as well.
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    The curries do look good.....

    But, no mention of the Pork Trotter coming in at one o'clock?

    Pork Trotters at one o'clock?....Looks like I've got time now to step out for a burger!

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